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-Clear Water Steelhead Video Episode-

(January 24th 2009)



We were on a major losing streak until now! We have gone out on five times trying to get into some steelhead since the first of the year with no luck. The first three times out the river was very, very high and dirty but we thought we should get at least one but no luck. Next next time out was the first time of the year with decent water color and level so we were confident that a fish would be had but we couldn't find any steelhead. Later read that only 60 fish had made it to the trap that week (its a record low return so far this year). We then were lucky enough to fish the Sixes River but it had been dropping for over a week and was low and clear, but that is kind of our specialty so again a whole day and no fish. This time out we decided to just try to catch a lot of cutthroat trout and go way up river in search of a native steelhead. Lucky for us the river had been dropping for two weeks and was so low that we didn't have any company. On our way home with only a couple of hours of daylight left we stopped and fished a spot further down river, I decided to go upriver a little higher and boy were we lucky! I put my spoon away and grabbed the light micro jig rod, first cast through my float slowly goes under as they always do when steelhead grab them and it quickly shot all the way across the river. Waaaa Hooooo!! Finally it seemed like years since we had hooked into a steelhead, even though it had only been three weeks, I was pumped. I yelled "fish on" so Daniel could come down and do some video, but maybe I should have kept quiet because he proceeded to hook a Very large Hen! It takes some work to get big fish in on 6lb test but its worth it to hook fish when most others aren't even thinking about fishing. We are always excited to catch steelhead but even more this day as it was the longest we had gone without a steelhead since we started fishing for them! What a surprise to be blessed with these beautiful fish that we can pursue even if they humble us occasionally!

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