Salmon Fishing Videos

Below you will find entertaining salmon fishing videos from our recent adventures. All of our salmon fishing episodes are available in full screen, high definition or 4K ultra high definition for crisp life like action and can be viewed on any computer or device. Check them out!

Buoy 10 Fall Chinook
Tidewater fall Chinook fishing at its best.
Buoy 10 Fall Chinook
Great day of early season success at buoy 10.
Coastal Fall Chinook
Over 35 coastal Fall Chinook hooked in two days.
Tidewater Fall Chinook 2013
Amazing day in tidewater landed over 15 salmon.
Elk River Fall Chinook
Fall Chinook fishing using steelhead gear in clear water.
Spinnertopia Salmon Fishing
Chinook and Coho could not resist the mighty spinners.
Salmon Love Spinners
Chinook and Coho all in the same day.
Steelhead Stalkers Tackle