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-Central Oregon Trophy Brown Trout-

(August 23rd-24th 2009)



Our family wanted to do some camping so of course we picked a place where we could sneak away and do some fishing! We chose to camp at twin lakes resort so the girls could do some swimming and leave us alone for a few hours each day. The first evening we went across the street and launched a Wickiup and fished for about an hour before dark. I hooked up with a nice brown trout and fought it for a while before the hooks popped out! It looked to be over 20 inches and was a very nice brown. The next day we went out and fished the Deschutes River for browns and had a disappointing four hours on the river. We try to plan our trips up there when the river is dropping as there is less debris in the water, well it had dropped for about a week and the was looking prime. The day we fished it they opened up the gates and the water level went up a couple hundred cfs while we were on the river. Even with the challenging conditions we hooked three browns and got two to the boat! Daniel landed a nice brown that was 17.6 inches long and put up a good fight! Its fun to see them come off cover and whack your lure. Earlier in the morning I hooked a beautiful big brown trout that was 20+ inches and it fought hard. We finished with some morning fishing on Wickiup and you will have to watch the video to see all of the these beautiful trout in HD!


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