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-Drennan Steelhead Floats Review-

Priced around $5 each

When I first ordered these strange clear plastic floats my intentions were to use them for low water steelhead fishing. It turns out they are not only great for clear low water steelhead float fishing but any type of water you would typically float fish for winter or summer steelhead. The price for one of these bad boys is around five dollars a piece and for that much money they better work well! I don't mind spending a little extra money if I get results and these floats definitely deliver in many aspects.

On the first cast what jumped out at me about the float was how incredibly bright the little orange top was. It doesn't matter where you cast one of these drennan floats you can see it from a mile away and then for another mile after it drifts past you. This might not seem like much of an importance but I have hooked many fish on extended drifts that with a normal float I would have already been reeling my line in. There is something about the orange top when its on the water that makes it glow and stand out like a light bulb in the dark. Its hard to explain until you see it in person but trust me it is very visible and I have been able to fish with a float longer into the evening hours because of this. These floats cast extremely well and I have had no problems with the line getting tangled around the float or weight.

Another area of these Drennan Floats that I love is how they float through the water. I will add enough weight to get the clear plastic body submerged in the water with just the orange top visible. They also hold more weight that their little body looks like it can handle and they sit vertical in the water and glide down river perfectly. It is easy to tell when a fish has taken your bait or lure because the float goes underwater without any resistance thanks to their slender profile. Lite bites are easy to detect as well and the float just bobs up and down real quick to show you something is tugging on it. Any kind of weight or pressure on your bait will telegraph the strike instantly!

One area that I was afraid would be a downside with these floats was the durability of plastic used in a float. In the three months of float fishing this winter I have had one Drennan float crack. I made a cast to the far bank and didn't judge it right and my whole float rig slammed into the side of a rock shelf. When I reeled it in it was full of water and had a small crack in the side. I'm not to upset about this crack because I had used the same float for over two months with many steelhead hooked and landed. This was not the first time I had cast it into a rock or tree and I feel like these floats have stood up very well to the extreme abuse of winter steelhead float fishing. Granted a foam float would not have broke or cracked but I feel I got my moneys worth with this float and I have not had one crack since.

-Drennan Piker #3-

This is my overall favorite size and style float for most winter steelhead fishing. I have been using this size for about 80% of my float fishing this winter and it works very well when the water level is up but dropping slowly. I would use this float in small to medium rivers and I have been using it mostly on small coastal rivers. It has very little drag in the water and can stay above the surface even in fast riffles and deep rolling holes. This is a perfect all around float and I have caught a majority of my fish this winter with it. This float holds just enough weight if you are going to be using roe or medium sized jigs with a 9'6" or longer fast action float rod.

-Drennan Zeppler #4-

This is a great float for fast water and larger rivers, it can hold more weight than the Piker #3 and has a larger orange top which comes in handy on bigger rivers were you have to cast much further. The larger orange top also helps you keep focus on the float at longer distances. This Drennan float takes a little more weight to get it to go under than the Piker by design but still has very little resistance. I would use this float size and style for smaller salmon and larger steelhead in medium to large rivers.

-Drennan Piker #2-

This is the low clear water champ and it is in this situation where the clear plastic drennan floats shine! I believe that the fish can't see these floats above them at all and when you are fishing in three feet of water this can make all the difference. I haven't had a chance to fish it a lot in low water conditions but the few times I did, I did not go home without hooking some steel. One such moment was opening day on the Applegate River this year. I walked down to the river and talked to a few guys who had been float fishing with jigs all morning and had not seen or felt a fish. I proceeded to walk up to the riffle above these guys and make a few casts through a nice run and "bobber down". I fought and landed a nice 9lb buck, took a few pics and released it. About a half hour later I hooked one more fish but it jumped and threw the hook. Both of these fish were hooked when the water level was low, clear and cold. I can only believe that the clear float helped me tremendously in this situation seeing that the guys who had been fishing were using regular foam floats.

Overall I really enjoy fishing with these floats and I can say that they are all I use when float fishing for winter steelhead. Its hard to change to something else when they have delivered consistently and given me confidence with this exciting steelhead technique.

Drennan Floats!
Drennan Piker Floats!
Dreannan Zeppler Floats!
Drennan Piker Floats!

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