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We had a great opportunity to sit down with Gary Loomis and talk about his new rod blank company North Fork Composites and how rod blanks are manufactured and designed. Gary has been building graphite rods and blanks for almost 40 years and was the first person to successfully incorporate graphite into fishing rods that were not only functional but strong! We are building custom rods using North Fork Composites blanks exclusively. If you are interested in a custom fishing rod built to your specifications or one of our steelhead stalkers custom, technique specific, rods you can send us an e-mail or go to the link on the top left of this page.


A little information about North Fork Composites. Why NFC? Because we have a passion for making great blanks that catch great fish—the kind of fish that you (and your friends) remember. It's our collective goal to bring you the finest fishing tools available—all meticulously handcrafted in our factory in Woodland, Washington USA. Our efforts to that end are anchored in three key areas:


While NFC itself may be new to the game, the craftsmen behind our blanks have over 60 years of combined experience building carbon-fiber fishing rods.


Also being trained as machinists, our master builders know how to make custom tooling and equipment ideally suited for creating fishing rod blanks. Our equipment rolls blanks with greater and more accurate pressure, which increases wall density and reduces porosity. The end result is a stronger, lighter, and better performing blank.


From fiberglass to carbon fiber, and from boron to titanium, if it can go into a fishing rod, our masters have tried it and tested it. Only those materials that make an exceptional and repeatable finished product are used at North Fork.

To see more information about North Fork Composites as well as available rod blanks and prices you can check out their website by clicking on the link below or the image above.


-North Fork Composites Website-

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