Fishing Knots

In this section you will find instructional video on how to tie fishing knots.

Steelhead Bead Knot Video
Perfect knot for pegging a bead quick and secure.
Duncan Knot Video
Perfect knot for changing out leaders quickly.
Modified Albright Knot Video
Another good knot for attaching braid to mono
Fish N Fool Knot Video
Strongest knot in the world. Our favorite fishing knot.
Yarn Ball Egg Loop Knot Video
Knot to use for adding yarn and eggs to your hook.
Egg Loop Knot Video
Perfect knot for adding bait to your hook.
Palomar Knot Video
A strong and popular fishing knot.
Improved Clinch Knot Video
Classic fishing knot.
Trilene Knot Video
Popular knot for attaching hooks to leader.
Double Egg Loop Knot Video
A great knot for adding a dropper rig or extra hook.
Steelhead Stalkers Tackle